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Project Overview

This project was started a long time ago, at first the aim was just to produce a plugin that didnt produce dead links. From that it has grown into a plugin of over 40 subsections as diverse as it is large. We have since teamed up with the developer of Origin Entertainment who has again brought more to the table and integrated with GenieTv to create nothing less than a superaddon. Many other streamers and providers have also joined the team adding their own input and content. Here at GenieTv we welcome everybody to join and share their work. Be it Enthusiasts, beginners or statured Devs seeking a new outlet. We hope all who use GenieTv enjoy and get the most from it, give feedback and support us to grow into the number one place to go for all needs.



How You Can Help

You Can Help Support The Project By making A Donation. This Is Not For G-Tv licences, Please See The G-Tv Tab.

Need a Place To Share Your Work?

GenieTv Already Hosts A Number Of Content Providers And Enthusiasts Looking To Share Their Work. These Include

Scooby Streams
The Reaper
Pandoras Box
Hero Vision
Silent Hunter
Redemption Streams

Tips And Tutorials

These tips and tutorials have been put together by the GenieTv team for help and support.

All guides were accurate at time of release, however we do not guarantee the results of the guides.

Why choose us?

  • 1Good Quality Stable Streams
  • 2Second to None Support
  • 3Friendly Community

What client say!

I have used Genie TV for a while now and dont even have to bother looking at any other addons anymore - All the content I could ever need is right here in Genie TV. As for the Live Streams this is the best quality I have seen in a long time, no problem with donating my £5 a month, keep up the good work guys!
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